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An update to a peice of shit...

2009-08-27 01:57:40 by VirusX117

So I just submitted an update to my first flash I ever submitted to NG. I hope it passes because I put so much more work into this one than I did my first. And the proof is in the pudding, so-to-speak, as the graphics are better (no more out of proportion, ms paint looking, crappy gun), the help is better, and theres sounds and music!!! Haha. For comparison, heres the links to both:
First One: Interactive Pistol v1.0
as compared to the
Second One: Interactive Pistol v1.5


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2009-08-27 03:28:16

(no more out of proportion, ms paint looking, crappy gun)

Lolz i make shiit-pictures in ms paint,then i use windows movie maker to adjust lenght of all,add some sounds(maybe music too)save movie file,then use Total Video Converter to turn it into SWF XD

Teh flash stuff is a too big file size,and i would waste mah internet limit on it(only able to use 9GB on internet or else i pay more money)


2009-08-27 03:28:41

What i ment is teh adobe flash,flash makin program


2009-12-11 10:18:38

You haven't updated for a while now. Will you do another interactive weapon game?


2010-02-13 14:27:07

i hope to see more of your interactive guns in the future